Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He's So Cool - Behind The Scenes Part 1

idoit4us.blogspot.com went out to Philthy McNasty's, on 2180 Steeles AVE. West, to be a part of the "He's So Cool" video shoot. We caught up with Yonge C, Sticky Green, and Benny Blacc along with thier crews reppin as far as Downtown Toronto to HillTop Richmond Hill !! Watch as they film the video (Tiger Eye Ent.), poke fun at the bouncer, show off their bike skills (Inner City Stunters), and much more!!!!! Part 2 coming soon!!

Shouts To: Inner City Stunters, Gr8 1 Muzic, Yonge C Music, Tiger Eye ENT., Corporate Streetz, and Philthy McNasty's!!!

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